Andrew Henderson

"There are quite a few companies offering powder tours in Japan now, but this company was one of the first and I think their experience shows. I had a week with Bryce and his guides and I would count it amongst the most enjoyable weeks skiing I have had. There are so many skifields in Japan, but the difficulty of exploring them means most visitors never go beyond Hakuba and Niseko. Nothing wrong with that, but there is some great skiing to be had off the beaten trail. We skied (and boarded) some amazing places, exploring the fields in the north of Honshu. It was a very good week for snow in Japan. In fact, probably too much snow (yes – it’s possible). Like his operation in Myoko Kogen, Bryce runs this tour with military style planning and chooses the resorts and off piste adventures he thinks will be best for the conditions. We skied at 5 different resorts in a week and at each one we were in knee and waist deep snow, on our own, all day. The main feature was tree skiing, most, but not all within resort boundaries. Straight into the good stuff, with no searching for the best spots. Really, a tour like this means having someone with local knowledge show you all their powder stashes and ski outs. As many will know, there are resorts in Japan where even skiing off piste is not allowed and tree skiing is not allowed at many. Knowing what the local rules and tolerances are is also something you could never sort out on your own. Places are usually tight on these tours evidently; hope there is room for me on one again next year!"

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In a Nutshell

Think of an Odyssey Tour as your own adventure across the island of Honshu, visiting a new resort every day- all in search of deep, untracked powder.

Running Dates

2nd January 2021 - 9th January 2021

9th January 2021 - 16th January 2021

16th January 2021 - 23rd January 2021

23rd January 2021 - 30th January 2021

30th January 2021 - 6th February 2021

6th February 2021 - 13th February 2021

13th February 2021 - 20th February 2021

20th February 2021 - 27th February 2021

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