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When your typical ski day involves everything from charging secret wood stashes, dropping pillow lines to bump runs, and then racing your friends back to the chair to do it all over again, Nordica’s Timeless All Mountain Collection provides all the versatility and performance you could ever want.


NRGY - The brand new NRGY collection features the most modern and versatile all mountain skis on the slopes. With a lightweight I-CORE TI construction, each ski offers incredible performance and control at a breathtakingly lighter weight. Built with all mountain CAMROCK, each NRGY excels on hard pack groomers, bumps, crud, trees or pow. Making it your do everything ski.

  • NRGY 107 - For all mountain riders and soft snow fanatics, the NRGy107 is your new ski of choice. Able to handle the firmer conditions with ease, thanks to its revolutionary Torsion Bridge Technology- which delivers unbeatable control and stability at a lighter weight. The 107mm waist width means more float and playfulness when the powder stacks up. An incredible steep and deep all-terrain performer.


  • NRGY 100 - With a lightweight i-core Ti with torsion bridge construction and all-mountain camROCK. This 100mm waited ski will give you confidence and performance wherever you take it.

NRG100 Small

  • NRGY 90 - The brand new NRGy 90 is the most modern and versatile all mountain ski on the slopes. This 90mm waisted ski will give you confidence and performance, while a tapered tail means you can carve, steer or stomp wherever you want.

NRG90 Small

  • NRGY 80 - The brand new NRGy 80 is the most versatile front side ski on the slopes. This 80mm waisted ski will give you confidence and performance for the lift-served conditions you love.

NRG80 small

Belle Line

  • WILD BELLE - At 88m underfoot the Wild Belle has got enough float for soft stuff, and plenty of sidecut for laying it over on the hardpack. All-mountain camROCK only increases the versatility. For skiers who do it all, this is your new best friend on the slopes.


  • NEMESIS - With the brand new Nemesis, all-mountain conditions have met their match. Built with wi-core for a 25 percent lighter core, this ski has true camber underfoot for unparralleled stability with a powder tip profile and a 98mm waist width for excellent maneuverability to conquer any terrain you throw at it.


Freeski / Freeride

When you dream about bottomless powder, steep chutes and backcountry booters you dream of doing it all with Nordica’s Freeski skis. Built with the same passion for innovation as the people who ski it, the FREESKI category is where all dreams become reality.


FREERIDE - Nordicas freeride line represents the cutting edge of big mountain and deep powder skiing. Whether you want to charge steep chutes, swivel through the trees or leave your signature on an untracked face of powder, you can guarantee that Nordica freeride skis are built with the ultimate attention to versatility and performance. Featuring WOODCORES, top of the line constructions, and the perfect mix of ROCKER and CAMBER, these are the products that unlock where the sport goes next.

  • BUSHYWAYNE - Rory Bushfield lives the dream, boosting big mountain booters and shredding powder around the world. At 127 mm, with High Rise camROCK and a blunt nose to eliminate tip flap his ski, the Bushywayne, is custom built to surf that dream.


  • HELLDORADO - Beware the man in black, aka Nordica’s mountain stomping Helldorado. Built for speed, power and all-condition domination, it holds big arcs like nothing else, but can still carve quick arcs.


  • PATRON - The Patron is a flat out legend. Built with game-changing Powder camROCK, a High Rise Profile, a blunt nose tip design and a genius sidecut of 143/113/132, it’s easily the most versatile powder ski on the market, superior at speeds, surfy yet stable, and euphorically versatile. 


  • ENFORCER - Skiing Magazine's Ski of the Year, the legendary Enforcer, is one of the greatest all-mountain skis ever built. Sporting a 100mm waist for versatility, a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal for power and stability at speed, a blunt nosed tip to blast through crud, and a low rocker profile for full edge contact on hard snow conditions, the Enforcer is built for those that love to ski. Smooth Powerful - playful - Ski everywhere with confidence.


  • SOUL RIDER - The Soul Rider is an extremely playful and versatile all mountain twin. With a 97mm waist, traditional camber under foot and a slight bit of early rise rocker in the tip and tail, you can take this ski wherever you want with confidence. Built for a wide range of skiers, this ski will tackle the park to the peaks and everything in-between while putting a grin on your face ear to ear.


  • SANTA ANA (Women) - Complimenting the La Nina, we introduce the powerful winds of the new Santa Ana. Sharing the same footprint as the new Enforcer, but with a micro laminate Balsa Core Technology designed exclusively for woman. This ski brings lightweight performance to higher level with a damp metal like feeling that gives you confidence, and provides that extra level of edge grip when the snow conditions get firm.


  • LA NINA (Women) - Powder camROCK, a super light and powerful wi-core, and a 113mm waist width ensure that every run is lady’s choice on Nordica’s big mountain La Nina. Effortless float, super smooth edgehold, and a versatility to go from hardpack to bottomless to bumps all on the same run! Ensure every run is uniquely perfect.



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